Summer probably seems like a distant memory for most of us. Personally, the effects of having connected to nature in July and August have been paying out their dividends amongst my chaos. Being a wife, mom of 3, and entrepreneur living in New York City life throws a fair share of curveballs.  

This summer the flame in my heart for connecting to nature was rekindled. From catching a few waves and hanging out on a surfboard in Montauk, to a five day hike –sleeping under the stars- in the back country of one of the greatest preserved ecosystem’s in America, Yellowstone National Park.

Being in a forest or a never-ending ocean does wonders for the soul. You lose your ego and become aware that you are part of something much greater than mankind.  

So make an effort to spend a little more time present in nature. Walk on the beach and listen to the waves ... find a trail that you can hear the sounds of the forest.. turn off your phone. Don’t take a selfie, tune into what is around you...

If you need more convincing  - here is a great podcast I just listened to featuring Ming Kuo, a psychologist who has researched the astounding benefits of spending a little more time in Nature. 

Mushroom Frenzy

Midday mushroom hot cocoa is the jam.  Sounds gross, right?  Don’t knock it til you try it. Mushrooms have been magical long before they moved mountains or set off rainbow trails. The ones I am taking these days are magic, but not in a psychoactive way ( I am a mother for goodness sake). Lion’s mane mushroom extract are filled with cordyceps to help with brain function. The Reishi mushroom extract is relaxing after a long day to settle the mind.

I mix my hot cocoa with a little warm almond milk..

Here are some of my favorites in the mushroom world: