Spotlight: Floral prints

The inner flower child of my being is in love with the summer season full of light floral dresses and barefoot walks in the grass. Below are some favorite looks for summer parties, walks on the beach (or barefoot on the grass), weddings, and date nights. Have to note the sustainable fashion brands that make a conscious effort to be more ethical in the world of fashion and consumerism. Amur sources all materials with an eye toward environmental good. Repurpose, marries sustainable fashion with fundraising to raise awareness for nonprofits that work to better the lives of women and families.

Happy Shopping.




The Dead Head's Season Spring 2019

Having sold my own peyote stitch necklaces, dresses, and backless tops, at a handful of deadshoes in the midwest in the 90s, I LOVE that tye dye is all over the place. Namely R13, the typical grunge brand founded in 2009 by Chris Leba, takes the grunge and mixes it with dead head vibes that will always hold a special place in my heart. The 2019’s summer fashion is like what 1977 is to true deadheads.