Pride Month

Pride month has kicked off! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising and the first time that officials in New York, namely police commissioner, James O’Neill apologized for the oppressive actions that evening. Here are some ways New York is celebrating in the month of June.

I am proud to raise my children in a city where the message that “love is love” is constantly showered upon them. It warms my heart that when I asked my oldest daughter if she had a crush on anyone, boy or girl , she didn’t think that was a strange question. I love that two dads or two moms is as normal for her generation as divorce was in mine.

As a nation we are still far from celebrating our advances. Rural LGBTQ teens are far from feeling safe in exploring sexuality. Check out this piece on NPR that I recently came across.

This month join me and wear your support for the LGBTQ community with some of these great pieces to add to your closet!