Summer probably seems like a distant memory for most of us. Personally, the effects of having connected to nature in July and August have been paying out their dividends amongst my chaos. Being a wife, mom of 3, and entrepreneur living in New York City life throws a fair share of curveballs.  

This summer the flame in my heart for connecting to nature was rekindled. From catching a few waves and hanging out on a surfboard in Montauk, to a five day hike –sleeping under the stars- in the back country of one of the greatest preserved ecosystem’s in America, Yellowstone National Park.

Being in a forest or a never-ending ocean does wonders for the soul. You lose your ego and become aware that you are part of something much greater than mankind.  

So make an effort to spend a little more time present in nature. Walk on the beach and listen to the waves ... find a trail that you can hear the sounds of the forest.. turn off your phone. Don’t take a selfie, tune into what is around you...

If you need more convincing  - here is a great podcast I just listened to featuring Ming Kuo, a psychologist who has researched the astounding benefits of spending a little more time in Nature.