Summer probably seems like a distant memory for most of us. Personally, the effects of having connected to nature in July and August have been paying out their dividends amongst my chaos. Being a wife, mom of 3, and entrepreneur living in New York City life throws a fair share of curveballs.  

This summer the flame in my heart for connecting to nature was rekindled. From catching a few waves and hanging out on a surfboard in Montauk, to a five day hike –sleeping under the stars- in the back country of one of the greatest preserved ecosystem’s in America, Yellowstone National Park.

Being in a forest or a never-ending ocean does wonders for the soul. You lose your ego and become aware that you are part of something much greater than mankind.  

So make an effort to spend a little more time present in nature. Walk on the beach and listen to the waves ... find a trail that you can hear the sounds of the forest.. turn off your phone. Don’t take a selfie, tune into what is around you...

If you need more convincing  - here is a great podcast I just listened to featuring Ming Kuo, a psychologist who has researched the astounding benefits of spending a little more time in Nature. 

Father's Day Gift Guide





Pride Month

Pride month has kicked off! This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising and the first time that officials in New York, namely police commissioner, James O’Neill apologized for the oppressive actions that evening. Here are some ways New York is celebrating in the month of June.

I am proud to raise my children in a city where the message that “love is love” is constantly showered upon them. It warms my heart that when I asked my oldest daughter if she had a crush on anyone, boy or girl , she didn’t think that was a strange question. I love that two dads or two moms is as normal for her generation as divorce was in mine.

As a nation we are still far from celebrating our advances. Rural LGBTQ teens are far from feeling safe in exploring sexuality. Check out this piece on NPR that I recently came across.

This month join me and wear your support for the LGBTQ community with some of these great pieces to add to your closet!



Family Reading List

This month all the Freschl ladies are engrossed in the books we are reading. I have jumped head first into “21 Lessons for the 21st Century “ by Yuval Harari. Harari explains how to take on the problems of our times and make sense of them all.

Zoe (11) just finished “Hoot“ by Carl Hiaasen for her book club.

Gabi (8.5) is flying through the graphic novel series, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid“ .

Gigi (6) can’t get enough of Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie books!

Links above for more information on each book!

Practice Mindfulness

Living in NYC is stimulating for the senses. I thrive off of the heartbeat of the city, yet as work and family demands intensify the need to slow down and reset has become a necessity. I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years. I began in college for stress management and perspective. Yoga has helped me manage the inflammation of Crohn’s disease and I have practiced through all three pregnancies up until the day I delivered. This year I added a guided meditation into the mix and the effects have been amazing. 1 Giant Mind is a great app developed by a dear friend’s partner. Download the app, plug in your headphones, find a quiet place, and take a few minutes each day to reset. Try it for a week and see what happens. Some of my favorite accessories above.



Spotlight: Floral prints

The inner flower child of my being is in love with the summer season full of light floral dresses and barefoot walks in the grass. Below are some favorite looks for summer parties, walks on the beach (or barefoot on the grass), weddings, and date nights. Have to note the sustainable fashion brands that make a conscious effort to be more ethical in the world of fashion and consumerism. Amur sources all materials with an eye toward environmental good. Repurpose, marries sustainable fashion with fundraising to raise awareness for nonprofits that work to better the lives of women and families.

Happy Shopping.




Family Reading list

I love a good book and excited to share my families recent reads. I used to be a voracious reader and then parenting exhaustion hit. I remember reading “My Life” by Golda Meir when my oldest was an infant and without fail, I would fall asleep after 5 pages.   It took me months to finish that book.

 The actual act of reading brings me such joy.  We have created a family routine to read together on the weekends. Every weeknight that I am home I jump into one of their beds and curl up and read beside them.  They read their book and I read mine.

 Did you know that a child who reads 20 minutes per day is exposed to 1.8 million words per year and scores in the 90% on standardized tests?*  We look forward to sharing our weekly reads with you.


*from scholastic publisher facts.

Mushroom Frenzy

Midday mushroom hot cocoa is the jam.  Sounds gross, right?  Don’t knock it til you try it. Mushrooms have been magical long before they moved mountains or set off rainbow trails. The ones I am taking these days are magic, but not in a psychoactive way ( I am a mother for goodness sake). Lion’s mane mushroom extract are filled with cordyceps to help with brain function. The Reishi mushroom extract is relaxing after a long day to settle the mind.

I mix my hot cocoa with a little warm almond milk..

Here are some of my favorites in the mushroom world: 


The Dead Head's Season Spring 2019

Having sold my own peyote stitch necklaces, dresses, and backless tops, at a handful of deadshoes in the midwest in the 90s, I LOVE that tye dye is all over the place. Namely R13, the typical grunge brand founded in 2009 by Chris Leba, takes the grunge and mixes it with dead head vibes that will always hold a special place in my heart. The 2019’s summer fashion is like what 1977 is to true deadheads.